Tell Me About It - Tool Kit Rebrand 

Software: After Effects, Illustrator

Tell Me About It is a video series focused on showcasing career options to middle schoolers in the local Minneapolis community. The student’s response has been positive, but the branding was in need of a contemporary refresh. 


The brand identity needed to reflect the target demographic, while also retaining qualities that would still make the series recognizable to the students.


I had explored various styles that would keep the young viewer’s attention succesfully. A new logo and various shapes were created, but the final designs were more faithful to the original. 

“Cloudy Day” Style Frames

This style kept the intial “thought bubble” design with the addition of a bolder type for text and a cohesive color palette. 

Motion Design

The youthful nature of the designs were translated into the movement, giving the accent shapes the appeal we needed. This flexible tool kit was built to be scalable for titles and upper/lower visual thirds of varying lengths.

Credits -

Design: Kent Ortiz, Danielle Chenette
2D AE Animation: Kent Ortiz
Directed By: Motion504