SCRUMP - Interactive Illustration

Software: After Effects, Photoshop, Procreate

From a selection of six word stories, I chose Orson Scott Card’s: “Please, this is everything, I swear.” Mimicking the interactive structure of Google Doodles, my goal was to communicate a narrative remiscent of themes found in Card’s literary work.


The six word story inherently creates serious imagery, but I knew that I wanted to twist the visuals to be more lighthearted. An analysis of Card’s themes reveals two major focuses: children being on equal footing as adults and inverting the expectations of a responsible culture.


I wanted this project’s visuals to be gritty, but cheeky.


It wasn’t until I learned more about the history of “scrumping” that Card’s unconventional themes started to appear in the narrative. 
I designated the red section as what was intially visible in the composition, while the blue section represented an extension of that scene shown only during the transitions.
The illustrations were supplemented with cutout shapes with an appearance similar to parchment paper. This established a sense of depth between the layers while reinforcing the “scrappy” nature of the project.


Consisting of 4 seperate layers, each one moves according to scene.