Glimpses - A Haiku Film

Software: After Effects, Illustrator

Using the framework of Michael Dudley’s haiku:

the hot waterbottle
now cool between us, 

I created a multimedia visualization about witnessing the dawn of a new day.


Dudley’s words had me envisioning a spontaneous morning trip, where someone brings along an old bottle of water that was once left in a car.  
I began with establishing the asterisk as a motif. The shape has a resemblance to the sun, which felt appropriate for the arrival of morning. 


The color palette embodied the refreshing and playful tone set by the narrative.
Additionally, the visuals were meant to feel as if someone was journaling their trip as they went, so the hand-done quality became significant across all designs.
To immerse myself further, I had woken up early one morning and walked over to a nearby park for the footage. Each moment captured the stillness of this time of day.


Music: Park Bird
Glimpses Haiku: Michael Dudley