Foolproof  - Fetch Quest Game

Software: Unreal, Maya

Life's inconveniences can really get you down, so live foolproof! Explore a park in search of your friend’s missing inflatable objects, but don’t let your head get in the way! This is a beta for fetch quest game.


I knew early on that I wanted to develop a game about my own personal anxieties. What better way to personify this feeling than to have a head full of spikes. 

Character Design

The characters were designed to have simple body silhouettes, which allowed the hair to be more expressive. 

Game Development

The wireframe initially involved speaking to other characters to get clues about where to locate the items.
Quick color scripts were used to begin identifying the mood of the map.


Using Unreal’s third person template, I began to add in 3D models and rigs from Maya.

Credits -

3D Modeling: Kent Ortiz
3D Animation: Kent Ortiz
Music: Colorful - Eyal Raz
Terminal Grotesque Type: Velvetyne Type Foundry