Fiùtur Website - Lottie Animation

Software: After Effects, Lottie
Fiùtur is a startup company focused on allocating
capital for a clean-energy economy. In partnership with Manhattan Strategies, their redesigned website features a contemporary motion language that matches the group’s efforts.

When it came to depicting the detailed solutions that Fiùtur offers, two options
were considered for the SMART system.

A looping hero animation was also created for the homepage, which alternates between Fiùtur‘s
main ecosystems.
In order to translate the animated work into JSON files,
I prepared the layers in my After Effects file to function
within Lottie.

Credits -

Client: Fiùtur
Created with Manhattan Strategies
Creative Director: Wayland Guo
Design: Wayland Guo, Simran Rao
Motion Animators: Kent Ortiz