Berserk - Mock Spring 2021 Spotify Ident

Software: After Effects, Illustrator, Maya

During my mentorship with Mack Garrison of Dash, I proposed that the warmer weather could be a promising subject for Spotify’s advertising. The new year offered reassurance and I believed this could strengthen the companionship they had created with users during the pandemic.



Spotify’s promotional video material is often experimental, so I wanted to find an amusing way to communicate the restraint felt during winter and a release of energy in the spring.

Type Exploration

I based the project on the word “berserk.” It became a guide for visualizing the excitement I had about reuniting with others in the outdoors. 


Looking at imagery associated with spring, cracking eggs quickly became a representation for the cabin fever developed over the winter months.


A project pitch was also created and given to the team at Dash, which can be seen here.

Credits -

Voice Over: Mack Garrison (Dash)
Executive Producer: Mack Garrison (Dash)
Circular Type: Lineto Type Foundary
Animal Soul Type: GlyphWorld
Music: TurnUp by Monako