ARC 9 PIES - Multimedia Short Film

Software: After Effects, Procreate

Produced by a few roomates, Arc 9 Pies looks at the monotonous life of a interdimensional pizza delivery guy. Knowing that each of our styles varied greatly, we decided it was a great opportunity to make a multimedia project. 



Influenced by men’s fashion from the Space Age and anime protagonists, Jimmy’s design began to form.

Character Design

Jimmy’s silhouette consists of a wide shape that tapers downward, similar to a slice of pizza.


I was resposible for executing the third act, which was largely cell animation with multimedia elements added in the background. Jimmy finally takes a moment for himself and makes a decision about where to go next.


Soft constructed and 2D pizza slices are used to subtly reinforce the range of styles that were shown.

Credits -

Cell Animation/2D Animation: Kent Ortiz, Nathan Royall, Anna Lee

3D Animation/Modeling: Nathan Royall

Stop Motion/Soft Construction : Anna Lee 

Character Design: Kent Ortiz, Nathan Royall

Logo Design: Kent Ortiz

“How to Breathe in Sunlight” track:  Anna Lee